Membership Application

Since its foundation, the Alaska Sailing Club has welcomed new and returning sailors every year. We offer four types of memberships:

  1. Family Memberships are full memberships intended to include “a family group living under one roof”. Adult children (21 and over) are encouraged to purchase their own membership if they intend to use the club independently. Adult children (and any other family members living outside the house) are of course always welcomed as guests assuming they have a sponsoring member present. The cost of a family membership is $500.00, and each family membership includes two free passes for any ASC class.
  2. Single Memberships are full memberships, intended to cover one adult aged 21 or over. The cost of a single membership is $250.00, and each single membership includes one free pass for any ASC class.
  3. Junior Memberships are a full membership and are intended for individuals under the age of 21. The cost of a junior membership is $100.00, and each junior membership includes one free pass for an ASC class.
  4. Associate Memberships are available only to non-active individuals who do not utilize club facilities but wish to maintain an association with the Alaska Sailing Club. The cost of an associate membership is $25.00, and it does not include a free pass for an ASC class.

Before deciding to join the ASC, you should review the Club Rules and our Release of Liability Agreement. And we also recommend that you read through the Membership section of our website. Once you’re done simply fill out the membership form below:

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