Long-Term RV Parking Guidelines

All members renewing or seeking a new space must agree to the Alaska Sailing Club’s (ASC) Trailer Row seasonal use guidelines.

Renewing tailer row space

ASC members wishing to renew their existing Trailer Row space must submit a signed copy of the Trailer Row Use Guidelines and their membership fee each season. If no application is received, the ASC Board will assume that the member is vacating their space.

Applying for a new space

If you’re interested in a long-term space on Trailer Row, please submit a request to our Senior Vice Commodore using the ASC contact form. Select the “Long-Term RV Parking Request” option from the “How can we help you?” dropdown menu. You can find the contact form here:

ASC members applying for a vacant space must submit a signed copy of the Trailer Row Use Guidelines and their membership fee. We will assign open spaces based on the order in which we receive applications.
If no vacant spaces are available, we will add the member’s name to a waiting list maintained by the ASC Board. We will notify members on the waitlist once a space becomes available. We will maintain a member’s position on the waiting list from season to season until we can offer trailer space.

Transfer of ownership

Transferring recreational vehicle (RV) ownership does not guarantee space to the new owner. New owners of RVs in a seasonal Trailer Row space must submit a new space request. RVs may be required to be removed from the property if the waiting list is full and the new owner is not at the top of the list. Members with a current seasonal space who replace their RVs must inspect the new RV before locating it in their assigned area.

Eligibility for occupancy

Interested members must meet the following criteria to secure a space on Trailer Row:

  1. An Active Participating Member as defined in ASC Rule XXIII
  2. Dues paid in full by the specified date
  3. Compliance with all ASC By-laws and Rules
  4. Signed copy of Trailer Row Use Guidelines
  5. Trailer Row security deposit paid in full (for new occupants, security deposit must be paid within 15 days of being offered a space)
  6. Agreement to follow Matanuska-Susitna Borough Temporary Land Use Permit stipulations.

Rules for occupancy

The following rules for occupancy are based on the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Temporary Land Use Permit and ASC By-Laws:

  1. RVs must be actively used (minimum six nights per season).
  2. RVs must be kept in a livable condition.
  3. The surrounding area must be kept clean and neat; no trash is allowed.
  4. Sanitary conditions, interior and exterior, must always be maintained.
  5. No storage of gasoline, kerosene, or diesel fuel in portable containers (propane in fit-for-purpose canisters is acceptable).
  6. Any fuel release must be reported to an ASC Board Member immediately.
  7. RV owners may not discharge firearms.
  8. No dumping of gray water.
  9. Trash must be removed regularly.
  10. No explosives, including fireworks, allowed along Trailer Row
  11. Each RV must have a fire extinguisher on hand.
  12. Electrical hookups should be disconnected at the end of the season (i.e., over winter).
  13. When not in use, all RVs should be securely locked.
  14. All sliders and awnings should be put away after each use.
  15. RVs must be movable on short notice.
  16. RVs must be removed within 72 hours if requested by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough. If not removed, ASC will contract a towing service to remove the RV at the member’s expense.