Intermediate Dinghy Sailing

The ASC’s Intermediate Dinghy Sailing class is intended for adults and teens 13 and older who have completed our Introduction to Dingy Sailing class and have at least one season of prior sailing experience. This class focuses on more advanced sailing topics such as boat speed, efficient upwind sailing, and basic racing skills.

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Click below to register for our 2024 Intermediate Sailing class and don’t forget that you need an ASC membership before registering. If the class is full, we’re happy to add you to the class waiting list and let you know if a spot opens up.

June 28th–30th


If you’re planning to take the Intermediate Dinghy Sailing class, you should:

  • Have taken the ASC’s Introduction to Dinghy Sailing class or equivalent.
  • Have at least one season of dinghy sailing experience.
  • Be able to sail off and on the dock with variable wind strengths and directions.
  • Be able to capsize and recover a Laser, Lido 14, or equivalent.
  • Know how to jibe and tack when sailing.
  • Understand the sail positions and their names.
  • Know the basic traffic rules for sailboats on the waterway.
  • Know about basic dingy rigging.


Participants in our intermediate classes will learn all the following:

  • Expanded small-boat sailing vocabulary
  • How to sail a dinghy efficiently on all points of sail, with particular emphasis on effective upwind sailing
  • How to “read the wind” and play wind shifts
  • Core sailing knots, including the double figure eight, the double half-hitch, the bowline, and the cleat knot
  • Advanced right-of-way rules
  • Introduction to the rules and basic tactics of sailboat racing

Our primary goal with this class is to help participants learn to sail more efficiently, confidently, and joyfully. We also want to give sailors the necessary skills to participate in ASC regattas, where they can continue to hone their sailing skills.

Class Schedule

The following is a rough schedule for our Intermediate Dinghy Sailing sailing classes. We’ll do our best to adhere to some version of this plan, but as with our other courses, we may need to make changes based on the weather and wind.

Day one (Friday), 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The first day of class will focus on refreshing core skills while adding more advanced topics. Review topics will include:

  • Rigging, put-away, and hoist use for Lasers, Lido 14s, the Catalina 16.5, and the Buccaneer 18
  • Core sailing knots
  • Basic sailing maneuvers, including capsize recovery, tacking, and jibing
  • Safe docking procedures

As we work through the rigging, we’ll introduce more advanced vocabulary and discuss some “secondary” control lines and how they impact boat speed and handling. And as always, we will finish the day with a brief Q&A session and put away the boats.

Day two (Saturday) 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

For the second day, we’ll focus on the following key topics:

  • Trimming sails for maximum boat speed
  • Efficient tacking and jibing
  • Crew weight positioning
  • Reading and responding to wind shifts

We’ll spend some time on shore discussing these concepts in theory, but as with our introductory class, our bias will be to spend as much time on the water as possible. Class participants will all be able to work with instructors embedded on class boats.

We’ll provide a BBQ lunch on Saturday, with burgers, hotdogs, and sides. (We always have a vegetarian option as well.) On Saturday evening, we’ll host a “Landlubber Potluck” with class participants, instructors, and other ASC members. If you’d like to participate, just bring a main dish, side, salad, or dessert to share. We’ll start the potluck around 7:00 PM to allow time to clean up after class and prep food.

Day three (Sunday) 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

For our final day of class, we’ll work on practicing our newly developed boat-handling skills in the context of racing. We’ll work on practice starts, mark-rounding drills, and run fun practice races.

As with the other days, we’ll finish up with a Q&A session and then get the boats put away. We will end class about an hour earlier than the other days, so folks have time to get home and rest up before the workweek!