Icebreaker Social Friday Report

Well, it’s not exactly “shorts and t-shirt” weather, but the sailing’s fine! The Ensign’s already been out sailing twice (first with Anthony & sons, and again with Cathy and Geoff), Dave and Elayne splashed the purple Bucc, and Tom Harrison had his Lido in.

The sky is mostly overcast, but we has a nice, clear view of Denali, and tomorrow we have some boats planning dust off the cobwebs for a few quick races. Oh, and Nancy Black has volunteered to run race committee, so we won’t need to do rabbit starts.

I’m hoping we can get some of our 2024 class folks out for sunset sailing on the Ensign. We have several instructors hanging out this weekend, so this is a great chance to get a informal jump on your sailing skills before the classes.

Parking is definitely still curtailed while the new grass grows in, but there’s plenty of space by the public boat launch. And the RV spaces are ready for use, as is the tenting area.

Hopefully we’ll see folks out tomorrow!


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