Firecracker Regatta, Intermediate Sailing Recap, & more!

Ahoy, crew! Now that July is here, we’re in the thick of the sailing season. The Firecracker Regatta is coming up this weekend. We just finished our first class (with two more to come), and we’re continuing grounds and dock work. Read on for details.

Firecracker Regatta

The Firecracker Regatta is coming up this weekend, with races planned on both Saturday and Sunday. We’ll also have our usual regatta potluck on Saturday evening, so bring food to share and come hungry. We’ll have a skipper’s meeting at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, with racing to follow as the wind allows. The potluck will start whenever we wrap up racing. (Likely sometime between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.)

Our goal will be to run a minimum of five races over the two days with two fleet: a competitive one-design fleet for Bucc 18 races, and a more relaxed Portsmouth-rated fleet open to all boats. (Bucc sailors who would prefer more casual racing are welcome to join the Portsmouth fleet.) Our, and speaking of Buccaneers, the Tony Chapman will be joining us for the Fireweed Regatta this year. Tony is the treasurer of the Buccaneer 18 national class association.

Race Vice Commodore Brie Busey will post more detailed race instructions as we get closer to the event.

Intermediate Sailing class recap

We had a fabulous weekend with our Intermediate Sailing class. Friday and Saturday were warm, with the “standard” Big Lake wind pattern: light winds during the day, and a lovely 5–8 knot evening breeze starting at around 5:00 p.m. The class was packed with info, including work on the Ensign and some pretty impressive first-time spinnaker sailing. Oh, and our “follow the leader” drill looked so good that I think our class could make a bid for an Olympic synchronized sailing event. 🙂

As an added treat, three brand-new members showed up over the weekend. Welcome, Jonathan, Joe, and Carmen! Jonathan and Carmen are both long-time sailors, and our instructors took them through the check-out process on the club Lasers. Joe is new to sailing, and his son will be joining us for the youth sailing class this season.

Grounds cleanup

A huge thanks go out to our Intermediate Sailing class, most of whom stayed several hours after class on Sunday to help clean up to the grounds and move boats back to their usual location. The club looks fantastic right now!

Note that the mower is now located outside by the shed near the clubhouse. Mowing is done on a volunteer basis, so if you’re looking for any easy way to help out while you’re at the club, take a 1/2 hour or so and mow some club grounds. We also encourage boat owners to mow the areas until your trailer whenever you move it to launch your boat.

Dock work

We’ve lost the mooring attachment at the far end of “B” dock. Dave Verbrugge was worked on an updated mooring and attachment design, and we have a crew working to set everything up on Thursday and Friday. That includes “The Daves” (Verbrugge and Johnson) and Matt Flickenger on Thursday. I’ll be joining them on Friday. You are welcome to cheer us on while you’re out there!

Coming classes

We’ll run our two Intro to Sailing classes on the two weekends following the Firecracker Regatta, so things should continue to be busy at the club this July.


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