Boat Repairs & Club Improvements

Ahoy sailors!

We just wanted to keep folks up to date on a few recent improvements and repairs:

A Solar Powered Ensign

Thanks to ASC member Dave Johnson for installing a solar trickle charger on the Ensign! This new setup means you’ll no longer need to cart batteries back and forth between the Ensign and the charger at the club, and it also means that you’ll always start your voyage with a freshly charged battery. You can see the new setup pictured in the title image of this post.

And speaking of the Ensign, we know we have quite a few members who are interested in getting qualified to sail this boat. Your fearless ASC Education Committee hopes to organize a one-day clinic for interested Ensign sailors later this season, so stay tuned for more deatils!

Big Lake Shoreline Erosion Project

In case you missed the early email from Commodore Dave, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is partnering with Alaska Fish and Game (ADFG), USGS, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks on a new Big Lake shoreline erosion study. And the ASC has (of course!) volunteered to help with this effort.

USFWS has already installed a turbidity sonde and pressure transducer to one of the pilings on the small boat hoist, and they expect to visit 3–4 times this summer to collect data. A big thanks goes out to ASC member Bruce Lee for finding this opportunity. We’re always happy to do our part to help improve the health of our beloved lake.

Goes Nowhere Centerboard Repairs

ASC boat repair hero Steve Ryan has made a first round of repairs to the centerboard mechanism, but he’s asked for an audit of the work before Goes Nowhere (one of our club Lido 14s) heads back out on the water. We’ll be taking a look during the Firecracker weekend, and in the meantime, please use any other Lidos for sailing.

Laser #3 Tiller Extension Improvements

Steve also added a new tiller extension swivel for ASC Laser #3. Right now updated tiller is at my house in Anchorage, and I’ll have it out for the Firecracker Regatta this weekend. In the meantime, please use Lasers #1 or #2 for your recreational sailing.

Boat Reorganization

A huge thanks goes out to our Intermediate Class members for staying late last Sunday to help move boats back after TL, George, and Dave’s dirt work by the hoist dried out enough that drag trailers on it. This was about an hour of hard work after a long day of high-wind sailing, and you couldn’t ask for a better example of “ASC volunteer spirit.”

And as an added bonus, all club boats are now kept in a row immediately to the right of the winter boat rack. This should help our new members clearly identify what boat they can sail.






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  1. Stanbro TL Avatar
    Stanbro TL

    You forgot George he helped with the groundwork by the hoist and all the dirt

    1. Geoffrey L. Wright Avatar
      Geoffrey L. Wright

      Edited to include George!

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