Classes, Open House, & Saturday Potluck

Ahoy, sailors!

We just wrapped up our June Intro to Sailing Class, which was a blast. As usual, we have a whole parade of thank-you’s:

  • Thanks to our crack team of volunteer instructors, including Brie, Steve, Courtney, Cathy, and Oliver. And special thanks to Darren Black, who joined the crew as an “intern instructor.” Darren took our intro class two years ago, is taking the Intermediate course this coming weekend, and plans to help teach our coming July Intro class!
  • Thanks to our dauntless June Intro class members, who endured a memorably cold capsize drill, mosquitoes, and the typically tricky Big Lake winds. The crew went from raw beginners to throwing down on the race course in just three days, with smiles and positive attitudes all the while.
  • Thanks to the Blacks (Nancy, Darren, Gabe, and Jake), the Stanbros (TL & Teri), Elayne Hunter, and Dave Johnson. This crew was on-hand starting on Thursday and helped with boat rigging, cooking the class lunch, cleanup, answering questions, taking pictures, and making the whole class feel welcome.
  • And thanks to all the ASC volunteers who make this club run. This includes the stuff you can see (fixing docks, teaching class, cleaning the grounds) and the less visible stuff (board meetings, wrangling insurance, stocking the clubhouse, etc.). The spirit and work that power this place are genuinely remarkable.

We also want to say a huge thanks to the Rasmuson Foundation for our new rigid inflatable boat (RIB). We purchased this RIB using our first Tier One Rasmuson grant, and it was a game-changer for our program. Between our adult and youth classes, we had 21 students on the water last weekend, a substantial increase from years prior.

We could teach this number of students safely and confidently because the new RIB allowed an instructor to reach any boat that needed help quickly and easily. And this is just the first of three classes of this size, so we’ll be working with more new sailors this season than in time in the modern history of the ASC. And thanks to ASC members Brie Busey and Jimael Johnson for all their hard work applying for this grant. You guys are the best!

And here are a few photos from last weekend’s festivities:

Intermediate Class, Open House, and Saturday Evening Potluck

The ASC’s very first intermediate class will kick off this Friday morning, and we’ll also have our annual Summer Solstice Open House on Friday. This means it’ll be a busy weekend at the club. Hopefully, we’ll have lots of folks out to share the joy.

And we also want to invite everybody out on Saturday evening to join the class and open house volunteers for a potluck and club social. The class should end at approximately 6:00 PM, so we’ll have the potluck at around 7:00. Last week’s class pioneered the idea of the class Saturday potluck, and it was a ton of fun. We hope to make this a regular feature for future classes, and thanks go to Courtney Ruckel for the great idea.

Thanks & happy summer solstice to all!







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  1. Owen Berklund Avatar
    Owen Berklund

    Always love seeing pics and reading about the continued success of the club! I’m planning to visit y’all in early August, and I hope to see as many of you as possible! Keep sailing and keep smiling!


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