Welcome Spring Class of 2023

Ahoy sailors!

This note is primarily for all this year’s spring class members, but we’re sharing this info with the rest of the club so that everybody knows what’s happening this weekend. So, here’s the 411:

First, class members should find most of what they need to know on the Classes page of the ASC website. This includes the class itinerary, stuff you’ll need to bring, info on camping, etc.

And here are a few “extra” tips for our students:

  1. The first-day class starts at 10:00 AM, but it’s a good idea to target a 9:30 AM arrival time to allow a little extra time to find the club and get settled before class.
  2. We have a long waiting list for classes this year, so if you can’t make it for any reason, please let us know ASAP so that some lucky aspiring sailor can jump in. You can use the club’s Contact form to send a note to the instructors. (You can also use the same form if you have any questions leading up to the class.)
  3. If you can camp for the club weekend, you should! Assuming nice wind, instructors will often take new students out and the club keelboat (and Ensign 22) for an informal sunset cruise. We also swim, socialize around the campfire, and relax after the long day.
  4. Most of the instructional crew will be out on Thursday evening to plan and prepare boats for class, and we’re welcome to join us. This will get you some “bonus” rigging experience and social time before class starts Friday.
  5. The forecast for the week is improving, but you should come prepared for wet weather. This means a rain jacket, rain pants, etc.

And for the general club membership:

As always, everybody is encouraged to come out and meet our new class. This year we’ve grown the club fleet and the number of instructors, allowing us to teach more new sailors. Between the adult and youth classes, we’ll have 20 new sailors at the club this weekend! Hopefully, many of you guys can join us for a fabulous time at the club.






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