Permits, Polls, and a Big Work Party Thank-You

Ahoy sailors!

Spring is underway, and we already have much going on at the club. We’re actively working on a permit for our mooring and docs, we’re working on organizing our weekday evening race and skills clinics, and we had an extremely productive spring work party.

Dock & Moorings Permits

The ASC has applied for a permit from the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), to utilize the state’s submerged lands (the lake bottom of Big Lake) to anchor the club’s docks and moorings. We’re seeking permission from the State to keep its docks and moorings in the locations we have used for decades. If you have a moment, the club would appreciate your support in the form of a written comment to the DNR.

Comments about how the club is a responsible steward of Big Lake and the Big Lake community, the benefits the club provides its members and the public, or specific instances where you’ve used the docks and moorings would be appreciated. We will keep you informed on how the permit application process proceeds.

You can find the official public notice here:


The easiest way to submit your comment is via an email to Jen Kopnicky at DNR, referencing “DNR Permit Application LAS 34580 – Alaska Sailing Club, Inc.” Her email address is And note that the public comment period ends on June 13th.

Weekday Evening Racing & Skills Clinics

The ASC Race Committee is looking to organize our summer series of races and skills clinics, and we’re looking for your input regarding which weekday evening would work best. If you could take a moment and fill out the following poll, it would be greatly appreciated:

Preferred Weeknight Evening for Clinics and Racing

Work Party Thank-You

We had a killer turnout for the spring work party! We accomplished quite a lot, including:

  1. Setting out the docks for the season. (We also built and floated a new finger dock and repaired one of the main docks along the shoreline.)
  2. Setting up the picnic tables and tents.
  3. Launching the Ensign 22 and the pontoon boat.
  4. Planting the flower bed by the sauna.
  5. Rigging the Lido 14s.
  6. Moving the big pile of D-1 gravel in front of the clubhouse.
  7. Cleaning up the clubhouse, sauna, and grill.
  8. We split and stacked a bunch of firewood generously donated by one of our new members.

We had a notably high turnout of new members, and with all the bodies, we had most of the significant tasks completed by 12:30, which is way ahead of our usual schedule. And we even managed a lovely evening Ensign sail with some new members. 🙂

And here are a few pictures from the weekend:

Lounging by the campfire
Setting up the tents
Launching a Lido for the Icebreaker
Building a finger dock
New finger dock in action!
Teens stacking wood
Moving a pile of D-1

Ice Breaker Regatta Recap

Due to the slow spring process, the Ice Breaker was only a single-day affair this year. (We had to push the work party by a week, so it intruded on the Ice Breaker weekend.) And despite the lousy weather, we managed to have eight boats on the line, with five in the Open Fleet and six in the Buccaneer 18 Fleet. Congrats to all our races, and special thanks to Emily and Jonathan Ramirez, who served as both the race committee and chief party officers! And thanks as always to Paul Willing, who tallied our results, which you can find here:

2023 Ice Breaker Results



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