Spring 2023 Work Party Details

Just a heads-up that we’ll be having our spring work party this Saturday. Long-time members all know the drill, but for the new folks:

The Spring Work Party is our big setup event for the club, where we try to do all (or at least most) of the work necessary to make the ASC ready for the sailing season. These tasks include setting up and repairing docks, cleaning the grounds, launching boats, etc.

For this to happen, we need a strong membership turnout. If we can be there for the whole event (10:00 AM until 4:00 PM or so), that’s great, but if you can spare even a few hours, we’d still love your help. When you arrive, look for Cathy Wright. She’s the “keeper of the clipboard” and will help match you with jobs based on your skills and interests. If you haven’t met Cathy yet, her picture is below:

And the following is a Google document with a list of tasks for the work party:


This is an evolving document, but the current version should give you a good idea of what we need to get done on Saturday. And items you should bring include:

  • Work boots
  • Work gloves
  • Rain gear, if necessary
  • Cordless drill/drivers (and batteries) if you have one

And note that conditions are looking favorable for holding a single day version of the Icebreaker Regatta on Sunday. Currently, Big Lake ice looks ice quite rotten, and some water areas are starting to open up. This means that we should be ice-free within a few days. But a same day cancelation is still a possibility. Water temperatures will be super chilly, so we’ll need reasonably warm air temps with a light to moderate breeze to race. If it’s cold, rainy, or unusually windy, we’ll cancel for safety’s sake.

Thanks, everybody! Looking forward to seeing you out there for a productive work party, and hopefully a day of racing on Sunday.






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