Election Results & Lots of Gratitude

Ahoy sailors,

Results are in! Congrats to:

  • Dave Verbrugge, the ASC’s new Commodore
  • Nancy Black, the ASC’s new Senior Vice Commodore
  • Brie Busey, our returning and awesome Race Vice Commodore
  • TL Stanbro, our dauntless Harbormaster

You can find a link to the election results here:

ElectionBuddy 2022 ASC Board election results

And as an outgoing Commodore, I wanted to take the opportunity to expresses gratitude to a few folks in particular:

First, thanks to Matt Flickenger for serving as Commodore and then spending four more years on the board as Past Commodore. Matt is a relentless contributor to the ASC, and it was his vision and hard work that brought us our current fleet of teaching Lidos. That project transformed our educational program, and I can only hope that my contribution as Commodore was even half as positive as Matt’s.

Second, thanks to Nancy Back for stepping up to be Senior Vice Commodore. We have a history of extraordinary volunteers at the ASC, but rarely have we had somebody go from a brand-new member to a “oh my god how did we live without her” super-volunteer in such a short period of time. (And that goes for the whole Black clan!) I know Nancy will be an outstanding addition to the ASC leadership team.

Finally, my eternal gratitude goes out to Dave Verbrugge for stepping into the Commodore role. Being Commodore for the ASC is amazingly rewarding, but it’s a big job that just keeps growing as we expand our membership and mission. I don’t think I could’ve pulled off my two terms as Commodore without Dave’s help at every turn, and I’m hoping to return the favor while I serve as Past Commodore. Dave brings a great combination of wisdom, patience, and experience to his new role, and I know that the ASC will continue to grow and prosper under his stewardship.

It’s been an honor to serve as the ASC’s Commodore, and I’m certainly looking forward to the next two years on the board as Past Commodore. And I’m also looking forward to seeing lots of you awesome people at Courtney’s this coming Saturday! (And we’ll have party details available shortly…)






2 responses to “Election Results & Lots of Gratitude”

  1. Owen Berklund Avatar
    Owen Berklund

    I really wish I could make it to Courtney’s for the party, but it was awesome to see you all again, even if only via zoom. Looking forward to next summer when I can be there in person again. Wishing you all the best as winter approaches – I saw lots of snow pics on Facebook today!!


    1. Geoffrey L. Wright Avatar
      Geoffrey L. Wright

      Wish you could be there, man. And I’m glad we’ll get to see you next summer. Hopefully you can find a fun spot to sail down there and enjoy the longer season. 🙂

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