Nominating Committee Results

Ahoy sailors!

I just wanted to let everybody know that the 2022 Nominating Committee wrapped up its work this weekend. We came up with the following candidates:

  • Dave Verbrugge for Commodore
  • Nancy Black for Senior Vice Commodore
  • Brie Busey for Racing Vice Commodore
  • TL Stanbro for Harbormaster

Per our by-laws, we’re now forwarding these candidates to the ASC board for review and (hopefully) approval. At that point, we’ll have an official board-approved slate of candidates for the election, which will start on Saturday the 8th. And a couple of quick notes about our election process:

  1. We will still take nominations from the (virtual) floor on the 8th, so if you’d like to run for any of these positions, you still have time.
  2. Dave Verbrugge is leaving his position in the middle of his term to run for Commodore. If elected, Nancy Black would serve out the second year of Dave’s term as Senior Vice Commodore.
  3. I’ll continue working on the board in the Immediate Past Commodore position. This is a voting position that is automatically inhabited by whoever has most recently completed a term as Commodore.
  4. Our official annual meeting will be short and held virtually on Saturday the 8th. The sole agenda items will be to take nominations from the floor and begin the election process. We’re planning an informal end-of-season party on Saturday the 15th at the Forget-Me-Not Nursery to celebrate the season and hand out trophies.
  5. We’ll be running our elections virtually using the same ElectionBuddy system that we’ve been using for the last several years.

And I do want to again note that Dave Verbrugge said that he’d be willing to finish out his two-year term as Senior Vice Commodore if we have another member who is strongly interested in the Commodore position.

Thanks to Bob Chivvis, Shannon Wooster, Tom Harrison, and Courtney Ruckel for serving on the Nominating Committee this year! And I’ll have another post up shortly with more details about the annual meeting and using ElectionBuddy.






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