August Board Meeting Announcement

It’s “Infrastructure Month” at the ASC, and that’s our planned focus for the August board meeting. We still have three big projects on tap for 2022:

  • Building two new main dock sections
  • Upgrading the electric service for trailer row
  • Fabricating six purpose-build dollies for the Lido fleet

We’ll meet virtually using Google Meet from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Monday August 8th. As usual, all interested members are encouraged to attend! Here’s the link for the meeting:

During the meeting we’ll work out dates and necessary volunteer labor for our build projects. We’re currently expecting that both the dock build effort and the electric upgrade may happen outside of our normal work party dates.

In addition, I’m about to form the Nominating Committee, so I’ll be checking in to see if any current board meetings are interested in running again for their current roles so that I can see where we need to recruit.

Finally, the board will convene a brief executive session at the tail end of the meeting to review and approve incoming memberships.

If anybody else has any suggested agenda items, please let me know. (Although they may need to meet until September because this meeting is going to be pretty packed!)






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