Bucc Shootout in Progress

So this is what happens when you invite a bunch of awesome sailors from Maryland to your club for four days of Buccaneer 18 racing. Visiting sailor Jimmy Yurko pulled a 26” pike from the lake this morning, and then proceeded to cook it up for a communal Pirate breakfast of “curried fried pike.”

We’re having a wonderful time out here, with great sailing and even better company. We have a big cohort of Alaskan sailors who are racing, more yet who have stopped by to visit, a great group who have jumped on the race committee, and several who are here simply enjoying cruising around the lake.

We hosting another communal feed tonight at 4:00 PM, with more racing to start at 6:00. In the meantime we have partially sunny skies with and about three to five knots of breeze across the lake.

Hopefully folks can come and join us either this evening, tomorrow, or both! We have more racing on tap for Saturday afternoon, and a final celebration tomorrow evening at around 7:00 PM. This is a unique opportunity to spend some time with some super-fun traveling sailors, so we hope to see lots of you guys at the club!






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