Bucc Shootout Details

Ahoy sailors!

Following is some detail about the Great Alaska Bucc Shootout from Dave Johnson. For this event, the ASC will provide four days of amazing one-design racing and a chance to meet some top-notch Bucc racers from the Lower 48.

And if you don’t know Dave Johnson (aka “DJ”), he’s a former commodore of the ASC as well as the current commodore of the Buccaneer 18 national class association.

Here’s the deets, straight from the guy who’s making this incredible event happen:

Heya sailors!

The Shootout is almost here and our advanced planning should result in a wonderful time. For those who haven’t heard, we have a group of National-level Buccaneer 18 sailors traveling to Big Lake to race with us for a four-day one-design “Bucc Shootout” series that will include a day of team-racing.

Although this is a one design series, we encourage all ASC members to attend, watch the races, and meet some really great sailors from the Lower 48! In addition we have all necessary resources to conduct some Open Class racing during the day if the winds allow.

The Bucc Shootout races start 6:00 PM on Wednesday July 6 through Friday and we’ll race on Saturday afternoon with our celebration dinner Saturday evening about 7:00 PM.

Comments about the team racing (which will be either Thursday or Friday, the first good wind day) included our team starting the two best times combined with the two slowest times for the first two races, then swap to the other Alaskan captains, with the goal being to spread out the talent so we can win the team event. The is still a work in progress.

Concerning the food, We’re going to eat around 4:00 PM and munch again after racing, around 10, food will be provided. The current plan is I’ll go the 3 Bears store every day and buy enough food to feed 16-20 people, with the 10 pm offering being something that can be cooking all evening in a crock pot with fresh bread. Elayne will help so yes, the food will be healthy and delicious.

Support boats: Committee boat, Tim’s river boat, TL and my speed boats so we might be able to swap our teams on the water rather then sailing back to the our harbor. I think the max for an evenings racing would be 2 races, swap teams, 2 more races, swap teams 2 races, go to the harbor.

Tom Harrison is excited to be race head honcho, and jumping on the race committee would be a great way to participate if you want to see some exciting racing from the closest possible seat.

Everything is up for suggesting and improvements, so all comments are welcome.

See everyone on the water,
Dave J






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