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Ahoy sailors!

I’ve received a few complaints about our ASC Google Group over the past month. Or maybe “complaints” isn’t quite the right word. Some folks are just having a hard time processing the volume of emails that can sometimes come through. And that’s completely understandable … our club can generate a lot of traffic when an important topic comes up, and casual conversations also consume a fair amount of bandwidth.

To help curb email volume, I would like to invite folks to the club’s Discord server that we started last year. Some of our older members might not know what Discord is, so here’s an excellent primer on the subject:


At a summary level, Discord is:

  • Kind of like a more organized group chat where you have more control over notifications; and
  • An app that you can install on your phone, computer, or tablet; and
  • Free for basic use.

As a community, we can use Discord for casual chat, sharing pictures or videos, discussing sailing (of course!), and informal event planning at the club. Unlike the Google Group, the club Discord server is open to anybody who might be interested in sailing in Alaska. And anybody on the Discord server is free to invite new participants.

To join, click on the following link:


I plan to post some great pictures and videos from this year’s classes, so hopefully I’ll see many of you on the server. (And you guys can share your photos there as well!) And note that invite links expire after seven days, so if you’re a traveler from the future, you’ll need to ask a current server member for an invitation. 🙂

We do not require ASC members to join the club Discord server, and we’ll continue to post all critical news items to the website. The members-only Google Group will also continue to function as usual, albeit hopefully with a little less traffic.

And do note that you can control email traffic from any Google Group, including ours. For example, you can change your email delivery to “digest mode,” which combines all traffic from a day into a single email. Likewise, you can stop email delivery entirely and use the Google Groups web interface. Google provides additional information about these options here:


Hopefully, that helps, and as always, thanks for the feedback!







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