Open Again & Classes this Weekend

Our new insurance policy is ready (it was officially bound as of yesterday), so we’re open again! Unfortunately, the new policy is considerably more expensive than our prior policy and will likely impact dues for next year. But on the plus side, this new policy includes “fitness training professional liability” in addition to the general liability coverage, so at least in theory, our coverage has improved somewhat from years prior. (And fear not, Class of 2022! We promise not to require any incredible feats of fitness.)

And on a much more entertaining note, our women and youth courses kick off tomorrow at 10:00 AM. We will be using all club Lidos, the Catalina 16.5, the club Lasers, and the Optis during class. (That leaves the club Bucanneer 18 and the Ensign 22 free for the weekend.)

Club members and their guests are welcome at the club during the classes. In fact, we encourage folks to come out and meet some of the newest ASC members. And note that we have our coed and teen class scheduled next weekend, so it will be two busy weeks of learning and teaching at the ASC!






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