Month: June 2022

  • A Discord Accord

    Ahoy sailors! I’ve received a few complaints about our ASC Google Group over the past month. Or maybe “complaints” isn’t quite the right word. Some folks are just having a hard time processing the volume of emails that can sometimes come through. And that’s completely understandable … our club can generate a lot of traffic […]

  • July Board Meeting Announcement

    Post updated on 7/2/2022 at 5:29 PM with additional agenda items per Teri Stanbro. Heya folks! The ASC will run its July board meeting at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, July 5th, via Google Meet. The link to the meeting is as follows: As always, we invite all ASC members to participate. We have the…

  • Open Again & Classes this Weekend

    Our new insurance policy is ready (it was officially bound as of yesterday), so we’re open again! Unfortunately, the new policy is considerably more expensive than our prior policy and will likely impact dues for next year. But on the plus side, this new policy includes “fitness training professional liability” in addition to the general…