Spring 2022 Work Party Thank You!

Heya crew!

I just wanted to say a hearty thank-you to everybody who came out for our 2022 spring work party. Unfortunately, some of our work-party stalwarts were either traveling or grounded by Covid. However, we had quite a few more recent ASC members, so we more than made-up the person-power. And as you can tell from the pictures, the weather was fantastic!

Here’s just a short highlights reel of what we accomplished.

  1. We Launched the Ensign and the committee boat,
  2. Put out the dock and repaired one wind-damaged finger dock,
  3. Pulled Lidos of the rack, upgraded rigging, and cleaned them,
  4. Spruced up the gardens,
  5. Cleaned all the Optis and confirmed all the parts and pieces,
  6. Planted a bunch of willows on the shoreline,
  7. Assembled all the picnic shelters, and
  8. Put out all the picnic tables and benches.

And that’s just a quick list from the top of my head. I know there was much more. And note that the grounds were still soft, so we left several boats in front of the clubhouse while the usual parking spots dried out.

Also, note that we forgot to bring the batteries from town. That means we don’t have a battery for the Ensign, and (more importantly) we don’t have a battery for the committee boat. Since that’s our rescue machine, anybody sailing over the week should be extra careful. And we’ll bring out the batteries for the Ice Breaker next weekend.

Oh, I’m leaving you with my favorite photo of the day. That’s Marian, Milo, and Enzo on the Ensign, testing out its new sails! (And I’m sure that’s Anthony taking the picture.)






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