Beware the Nominating Committee!

The ASC by-laws call for the Commodore to a ”Nominating Committee” each year:

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the chairman and four other members whose duty it shall be to set up a slate of candidates for annual election. Prior to announcement of the slate of candidates the Nominating Committee shall report to the Board of Directors the qualifications of the candidates and with the approval of the Board of Directors shall then determine the candidates’ availability and willingness to be placed in nomination and to serve in office if elected.

ASC Bylaws, Article VII: Committees

All ASC board positions have two-year terms, and in odd years we have the following positions up for election:

  • Senior Vice Committee (currently held by Dave Verbrugge)
  • Education Vice Commodore (currently hold Christopher Cryan)
  • Treasurer (currently held by Teri Stanbro)
  • Secretary (currently held by Courtney Ruckel)

This year Dave, Christopher, and Teri are all excited to run for another term in their current positions. However, if you have a particular interest in serving on the board in any of these roles, please let me know! Experienced board members are often willing to step aside to make room for new folks. And it can also be great to ”apprentice” with an existing board member in order to help the ASC and get experience for serving in the future.

Note that Courtney isn’t planning to run for an addition term. Instead she’s going to focus on both continuing to teach new sailors and on being the ASC’s unofficial ”Good Times Vice Commodore”! And I do want to say a huge thank-you to Courtney for her service on the board. I know we’re all going to miss her infectious enthusiasm at board meetings!

That does mean that we’re on the hunt for a new board secretary. I’ve already been talking to a few folks about the role, and if you have any interest please let me know! For this role we’re looking for the following:

  1. A person who enjoys being part of a fun and productive leadership team.
  2. A person who will help keep detailed meeting minutes.
  3. Somebody who either already knows WordPress or is willing to embrace learning a new tool.

Prior non-profit experience is obviously a plus, but is by no means required. And if you’re interested in the role but are worried about the technology part, then you should still talk to me! I’m only looking for the WordPress experience so that we can post meeting minutes and other club information directly on the website. WordPress is a pretty strait-forward tool, and I’d be very happy to help support anybody interested in pickup up a new skill.

Thanks, everybody! And please remember that we’re going to be holding our annual meeting via Zoom on the Saturday, October 9th! Oh, and the featured image from this post is from the classic Mickey Mouse “Shanghaied” episode. 🙂






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