Month: September 2021

  • Final Weekend Report

    Heya Sailors, We just wrapped up the final weekend at the club, and it was a lovely way to end the season. As noted earlier, we had to cancel the Northern Lights Regatta due to low temps. But the day definitely outperformed the forecast. We had sunshine, a high of 45 F, and winds at […]

  • Northern Lights Regatta Notice of Cancelation

    Ahoy sailors! Given the unusually cold conditions, we’re making the decision to cancel the Northern Lights Regatta for this year. We’re currently looking at a high of 46 F, and that combined with cold water temperatures turns any capsize into a potentially dangerous situation. But a number of us (definitely including the Wright Clan!) are…

  • The Northern Lights Regatta & Fall Work Party

    Ahoy, sailors! It’s time for our very last regatta of the season, and also time for our fall work party where we put the club to bed for the season. Since we have quite a few new members this year, I’ll give everybody the full lowdown on our traditional last weekend: For Saturday (weather permitting)…